An annual snapshot of public opinion about Canadian agriculture and food.

In partnership with clients and agricultural stakeholders, Grassroots’ online survey by way of a representative panel measured the direction and intensity of public opinion across numerous issues affecting Canada’s food space.

Grassroots has incorporated four years of tracking data as well as new and relevant questions each year.

New questions for the 2022 poll gathered public opinion about:

  • Trust in agricultural institutions when providing information around food safety or nutrition
  • Farming practices today vs. the past with respect to animal rights and environmental impact
  • To what extent agriculture and agri-food is seen as a post-pandemic economic driver in relation to other sectors of the Canadian economy.

Multiple years of thorough research has reinforced Grassroots’ strong belief in the growth potential in Canada’s domestic food system.

Key findings for this year’s research include:

  • Canadians have implemented a number of cost-cutting measures in the past two years around food shopping and consumption habits
    • Seven in ten (71%) Canadians have opted for discount or lower-cost food items – a 33% increase since 2020.
    • Six in ten (64%) have reduced their takeaway or restaurant food delivery options – a 7% increase since 2020.
    • Half of Canadians (48%) have purchased smaller volumes of food than normal – a 25% increase since 2020.
  • Modern farming practices seen as less harmful
    • 57% of Canadians say farmers have taken animal rights of poultry and livestock more seriously today than in the past.
    • 26% of Canadians believe current agricultural practices are less harmful for the environment, 23% say modern practices have become more harmful.
  • Canadians see the problem of hunger and food insecurity more seriously today than ever before
    • The % of Canadians saying food insecurity a ‘very serious problem’ (33%) doubled from 2021 (17%).
    • More than eight in ten (84%) see hunger and food insecurity in Canada as a serious problem – a 25% increase from 2021.
  • Canadians see agriculture as a key driver of the post-pandemic economy
    • When asked to rank 13 different industries with respect to their ability to drive the Canadian economy post-pandemic, 48% of Canadians placed agriculture and agri-food in their top 3.

A word of thanks to our client Food Banks Canada for their longstanding participation.

View the ‘Greenhouse Findings’ below:


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