Public Opinion Polling

Opinion research is a powerful tool that helps you better understand how the public (or a specific audience) views your issues, as well as how your organization may communicate more effectively with policy makers and the public.

Before you launch your next advocacy or government relations campaign, you should be able to say with confidence that you know:

  • How much awareness the public has of your issue;
  • Whether people support or oppose your issue;
  • How strong that support or opposition is and how it’s distributed among different demographics;
  • How people prioritize your issue in relation to one another as well as with other major public policy realms such as healthcare, economy, or environment;
  • What arguments your opposition may use to discredit your messaging.

Together we determine the best survey methodology (including traditional and artificial intelligence options) for your polling needs. All polls are kept strictly confidential.

Industry Analysis

Grassroots offers industry-specific insights to enable you to approach advocacy issues from a position of strength:

  • Industry intelligence gathering;
  • Media content analysis;
  • Social media analytics;
  • Policy analysis and predictive studies.

Secondary Research

One of the most important tools for strategic development of effective advocacy campaigns is a thorough analysis of existing data. Craft the right message from the start by leveraging research to achieve unique insights into the priorities of government, important players connected to your issue, and public opinion about your organization. Grassroots provides in-house capacity to apply a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods to a wide range of industry scenarios, including:

  • Summary, collation, and synthesis of existing research
  • Stakeholder/influencer mapping
  • Social media analytics
  • Content analysis

Research Partners

Grassroots is proud to partner with leading research companies, including:

Delphi Polling and Consulting Inc. logo

Delphi Polling & Consulting is our preferred partner to provide clients with accurate, insightful and actionable interpretation of issues that are important to them.


Grassroots is pleased to partner with CANCEA to provide our clients with objective, independent and evidence-based analysis of policy decisions and prosperity outcomes.