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We help businesses and industry associations execute effective communication strategies for government and public relations campaigns.

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Post-Covid Advocacy Series 2/4: Asking For What You Want.

Last week Ray Pons addressed Territorial Markers, which are all about non-verbal communication. This article focusses on what you say, the words, and delivery of the words, when asking for what you are seeking from members of government and…

Post-COVID Advocacy Series 1/4: Territorial Markers.

Sr. Communications Specialist, Ray Pons presents the first of four articles designed to help you communicate better and communicate much more by design, rather than by default [your usual, comfort-zone style of self-expression]. Advocacy,…

The Incredible Opportunities, and Challenges, for Canadian Agriculture

Recently I attended the summer meetings for the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Flying there and back, I looked out my plane’s window to see an endless patchwork of farm fields below. It’s an amazing…

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