Advocacy Assessment

The team of professionals at Grassroots specializes in helping organizations fine-tune their advocacy plans before they begin talking to government. The first step in developing a strategic communication strategy is achieving clarity about who you are as an organization, why your issues matter, and what support you need. Our unique “Advocacy Assessment” is designed to measure the effectiveness of your current approach to government relations and fine-tune your messaging so it is focused and effective.

While every client assessment is unique, deliverables may include:

  • Key message development for meetings and presentations

    Who you are, why you matter and what you need

  • 1-2 page infographic “backgrounder”

    Tell your story to government in a visually compelling format

  • PowerPoint file

    Be prepared for advocacy presentations

  • Recommendations to strengthen your online presence

    Ensure your website and social media are optimized to support advocacy initiatives

  • Preliminary meetings with key parliamentarians

    Arrange and attend initial meetings to gather feedback

  • Initiate a collaborative coalition

    Leverage likeminded stakeholders to support your advocacy efforts


The Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association

“Working with the team at Grassroots was easy. They took the time to better understand our industry prior to our meetings, came prepared, and worked closely with us to prioritize goals and deliverables for our members. The meeting sessions were well facilitated, relaxed, and productive.  We look forward to continued work with the Grassroots team.

Scott GeffrosGeneral ManagerThe Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association
Page 1 of the CWPCA backgrounder. Visit the link below to access a PDF of the backgrounder for text and graphic information.
Page 2 of the CWPCA backgrounder. Visit the PDF below to access a text and graphic description.

Drinks Ontario

“The backgrounder is a compelling piece that also helps us stay on point during advocacy meetings. It has been critical for clear communication inside and outside of our organization. And it’s full of relevant information to leave with government officials and staff, as they consider our advocacy issues.”

Jim LisserExecutive DirectorDrinks Ontario

Page 1 of Drinks Ontario infographic