An annual snapshot of public opinion about Canadian agriculture and food.

As enthusiastic advocates for the Canadian Agri-Food sector, Grassroots Public Affairs is pleased to release our third annual agriculture and food research public opinion poll.

Our approach for 2021 includes COVID-19 pandemic-related food questions, as well as repeated questions from past years so we can measure any change in public opinion.

Key findings for this year’s research include:

  • –91% of Canadians are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ confident in the food grown or produced domestically.
  • –90% of Canadians are aware of the Canada Food Guide and its recommendations on healthy eating.
  • –86% of Canadians endorse government support for the agriculture and agri-food sector – down from 92% 2020.
  • –70% of Canadians have never visited an operational or commercial farm.
  • –59% of Canadians are not interested in trying ‘lab grown meat’ if deemed safe to eat by the federal government.
  • –47% of Canadians frequently check the labelling of a food item to inspect the ingredients or nutritional information.
  • –44% of Canadians believe that agriculture and agri-food is of ‘very large importance’ to Canada’s national security and critical infrastructure – down from 59% in 2020.
  • –43% of Canadians believe that agriculture and agri-food is of ‘very large importance’ to Canada’s economic landscape – down from 63% in 2020.
  • –37% of Canadians believe the agri-food sector is likely to grow in the future– down from 44% in 2019.
  • –24% of Canadians have a food allergy or food sensitivity.

Other key findings:

  • Canadians hold very positive opinions of agriculture and agri-food; however, the intensity of these opinions has decreased in the past year.
  • The majority of Canadians believe the most recent update to the Canada Food Guide increased the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. Plurality believe meat and dairy recommendations were reduced.
  • Canadians see agriculture as having a positive impact on the environment.
  • Canadians continue to believe the federal government should place the greatest level of prioritization of financial support for fruit and vegetable commodities.
  • Canadians are consuming less red meat than they were a year ago, but are consuming more animal sources of protein such as eggs and fish.
  • Consumption of plant-based proteins such as legumes and seeds has risen at a greater rate than plant-based protein products (made with soy or pea).
  • Canadians are less willing to recommend a job or career in agriculture today than in 2019.

Special thanks to Food Banks Canada and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture for their participation.

View the ‘Greenhouse’ below:


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