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Lindsay Yaciuk from Grassroots Public Affairs shares the importance of “embracing an attitude of gratitude” in 2023.

At the end of 2022, I had an unexpected health setback, and while I waited for my diagnosis, I didn’t know if everything was going to be ok.

It was an unsettling time, and I became acutely aware of how grateful I am, to be alive. 

Just that.  Alive.

None of us is promised a long and healthy life. 

That sentence didn’t mean much to me when I was younger.  But now, as I look at life through a mid-life lens, I’ve learned there’s nothing quite like a health scare to quickly generate a “bright side” perspective. 

Positive thoughts of gratitude, for the simplest of things, became my focus.  Grateful to walk with my dog through the woods…grateful to listen to the soothing sounds of rain fall…grateful for the strong, hot cup of coffee that I look so forward to every morning.

Turns out, everything is going to be ok.  But I’ve learned a valuable lesson in gratitude that I intend to hold on to.

As the New Year dawns, with its inevitable ups and downs, try thinking about what you are thankful for, instead of what may be lacking in your life.  The internet abounds with information about how a grateful outlook improves your health, strengthens relationships, attracts success, and increases overall life satisfaction.

In positive psychology research, many studies have found that practicing gratitude strongly and consistently reduces stress and anxiety and increases feelings of happiness and joy.  An ‘attitude of gratitude’ has been linked to better sleep, lower blood pressure, and improved immune function.  In terms of overall health benefits – what’s not to love?

And who knew that practicing gratitude could strengthen our relationships?  Indeed, when we express gratitude toward others it can build trust and deepen connections.  Showing appreciation for things that others do for us can strengthen our bonds and improve communication.  Furthermore, the concept of gratitude allows us to be more understanding and forgiving, which may help deal with adverse events and conflict resolution.

Living a grateful life can attract success.  When we focus on what we are grateful for, we are more likely to be positive and hopeful about the future.  And a positive outlook can help us set and achieve goals.  You’re hired!  An ‘attitude of gratitude’ makes us generally more attractive to others.  Positive people are more likely to be viewed as likeable and trustworthy, which helps build successful relationships in both personal and professional capacities.

Lastly, living a grateful life can increase your general satisfaction with, well, everything.  When we focus on the positive and express gratitude, we are more likely to feel content and satisfied.  In contrast, when we focus on the negative, we are more likely to feel unhappy and dissatisfied.  For me, this one is the real game-changer; the correlation between the content quality of my thoughts and the overall quality of my life is, frankly, undeniable. When I’m busy being grateful for the little things, there’s no time to stress over the big things, that I can’t control anyways. 

Living a life in 2023 is complex. The antidote might be as simple as embracing a grateful outlook.  No matter how challenging life may be at times, we all have things to be grateful for.

Wishing you, dear reader, all the benefits of embracing an ‘attitude of gratitude’.  May you enjoy robust health, an appreciation for simple pleasures, and many joyful moments as you ring in the New Year!

Lindsay Yaciuk


Lindsay has 23 years corporate communications and leadership experience in the insurance sector, with specialties in Mergers & Acquisitions, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning. An accomplished writer and speaker, Lindsay is dedicated to accurate yet impassioned depictions of campaign goals. Her diplomatic and collaborative approach yields consistent communication and advocacy results. Lindsay holds an Honours BA in English Literature from Nipissing University.

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