The Grassroots Greenhouse 2023

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Canada’s Agriculture & Food Sectors Viewed as a Key Driver of National Security and Critical Infrastructure TORONTO, ON – August 15, 2023 – The fifth annual national Agri-Food public opinion poll by Grassroots Public Affairs…

#GrassrootsGlimpse: A snapshot of the new 2022 Ontario MPPs

Following the 2022 Ontario provincial elections, 36 new Members of Provincial Parliament have been announced. 36 out of 124 Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) will be taking a seat in the Legislative Chamber for the first…

Lobby Day Lessons from Parliament Hill and Queen's Park, Face-to-Face Matters

Reem is an associate consultant at Grassroots Public Affairs and is based in Ottawa. Reem can be reached at When it comes to lobbying government, I have learned it goes beyond scheduled meetings and formal conversations;…

Reflecting on Lessons Learned During a Recent Training Session

Ray Pons, Senior Communications Specialist at Grassroots Public Affairs reflects on his recent training session and shares important lessons learned during this experience. Recently, I had the opportunity to deliver some advice, some training…

3 Lessons Learned by Managing a Significant Lobby Day on The Hill

Reem is an Associate Consultant at Grassroots Public Affairs and is based in Ottawa. Reem can be reached at Recently, I had the opportunity to lead the management of a significant lobby day for a client on Parliament…
2023 Agenda

The Benefits of Starting the New Year with Gratitude

Lindsay Yaciuk from Grassroots Public Affairs shares the importance of "embracing an attitude of gratitude" in 2023. At the end of 2022, I had an unexpected health setback, and while I waited for my diagnosis, I didn’t know if everything…

Post-Covid Advocacy Series 4/4: Purpose – Mission – Vision.

#1 was Territorial Markers, #2 WIIFM, and #3 Grassroots’ 3C’s. This last article will put a bow around post COVID advocacy principles as our way of encouraging all groups seeking government support to address the big-picture issues of Purpose…

Post-Covid Advocacy Series 3/4: The 3C's Clarity – Consistency – Collaboration.

In articles 1 & 2 we addressed Territorial Markers and WIIFM. In this article, we address our trademark approach to effective advocacy which was developed based on the foundational principle that the very best people to speak FOR an industry…

First Impressions of Advocacy Networking

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Associate Consultant at Grassroots Public Affairs Reem Wahab shares her take on networking in the advocacy world as a newcomer. Attending events for the first time in the advocacy world can be quite daunting. Depending on the event,…
Queen's Park

Queen's Park Update: October 2020

2020 continues to be challenging for everyone, governments included. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Ford government to chuck the playbook from 2019 and essentially start from scratch. Governments have never been very good at planning long-term but nowadays, with the pandemic and changing priorities on a weekly basis, every government’s priority is focused on protecting the health and well-being of its citizens; while simultaneously doing whatever possible to help an economy that has been devastated since the lockdown.
Governor General Julie Payette

Trudeau lays out government’s plan with Throne Speech

Yesterday, the government laid out its plan to get Canada back on track and move forward from COVID-19. With the Governor General reading the Speech from the Throne, Parliament has now officially reconvened and will begin to sit regularly (using a hybrid model of in-person and virtual sittings) with House of Commons Committees resuming after Thanksgiving.
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

3 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications

Communication is a daunting and difficult task even at the best of times. In times of crisis, such as COVID-19, “difficult” rises to an entirely higher stratosphere. In the midst of a difficult crisis, (and let’s face it, there are no easy crises) and during those times when you might be responsible to communicate elements of that crisis, your abilities will be stretched to their ultimate limits. If you muck it up, the consequences may be severe.