The Grassroots Greenhouse 2023

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Canada’s Agriculture & Food Sectors Viewed as a Key Driver of National Security and Critical Infrastructure TORONTO, ON – August 15, 2023 – The fifth annual national Agri-Food public opinion poll by Grassroots Public Affairs…

#GrassrootsGlimpse: A snapshot of the new 2022 Ontario MPPs

Following the 2022 Ontario provincial elections, 36 new Members of Provincial Parliament have been announced. 36 out of 124 Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) will be taking a seat in the Legislative Chamber for the first…

Lobby Day Lessons from Parliament Hill and Queen's Park, Face-to-Face Matters

Reem is an associate consultant at Grassroots Public Affairs and is based in Ottawa. Reem can be reached at When it comes to lobbying government, I have learned it goes beyond scheduled meetings and formal conversations;…

Don’t Let Summer Advocacy Opportunities Pass You By!

Parliament has risen for the summer and will not return to regular sittings until September 18th. Many organizations choose to also “take the summer off” from advocacy activities and turn their focus to internal business operations. While…

A Roadmap to Success – Lobbying the Ontario Government

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Artem Chaplynsky reflects on his time spent working in the Premier's Office and shares his beliefs on how to achieve success in lobbying the Ontario government. Artem has recently joined Grassroots Public Affairs as a consultant and will…

3 Lessons Learned by Managing a Significant Lobby Day on The Hill

Reem is an Associate Consultant at Grassroots Public Affairs and is based in Ottawa. Reem can be reached at Recently, I had the opportunity to lead the management of a significant lobby day for a client on Parliament…

Post-Covid Advocacy Series 3/4: The 3C's Clarity – Consistency – Collaboration.

In articles 1 & 2 we addressed Territorial Markers and WIIFM. In this article, we address our trademark approach to effective advocacy which was developed based on the foundational principle that the very best people to speak FOR an industry…

Post-Covid Advocacy Series 2/4: Asking For What You Want.

Last week Ray Pons addressed Territorial Markers, which are all about non-verbal communication. This article focusses on what you say, the words, and delivery of the words, when asking for what you are seeking from members of government and…

Ontario's Legislative Preview

Late July is likely the most popular time for taking family holidays and time off, including those who work in government. Yet this summer, much like the preceding two, things continue to be far from “normal” in terms of what is likely…

First Impressions of Advocacy Networking

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Associate Consultant at Grassroots Public Affairs Reem Wahab shares her take on networking in the advocacy world as a newcomer. Attending events for the first time in the advocacy world can be quite daunting. Depending on the event,…

3 Things I've Learned as a Public Affairs Intern

Campaign Support Intern Michelle Silva discusses her new role, focusing on three things her internship experience has led her to discover about the public affairs industry.
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Summer News 2021

What If the Pandemic Hadn't Happened? A Review of Liberal Promises | 2017 vs. 2021: Political and Economic Perspectives in Ontario | Leadership Communication Tidbits | GRPA Team Updates