In this era of immediate and relentless digital communication, stories and images of overlapping crises have become the norm.  If you don’t go out of your way to find good news, there isn’t much of it. 

Personally, I find it all rather overwhelming. 

I miss the old days when the family phone hung quietly on the kitchen wall, a harbinger of occasional news and Sunday evening calls from Grama (when long distance rates were lowest, of course). 

Is it just me, or was life not more wholesome before “smart” technology ruled society? 

After consecutive years of doom-scrolling, I found myself in a dreadful spot – starting to lose hope for a peaceful, better future.

So, when a Queen’s Park staffer recently signed off an email with “Stay hopeful,” it struck me as very sage advice. 

Two small words.  Big message.  Attitude is a choice. 

The political arena is a big and busy place, often fraught with complex and simultaneous challenges.

During my 6 years with Grassroots Public Affairs, we’ve covered multiple provincial and federal elections, the unprecedented pandemic emergency, a litany of political scandals, divisive social upheavals, foreign wars, and many other strange and disconcerting events. 

My journey into the fascinating world of government advocacy has been quite the ride.

I tip my hat to the many brave and well-meaning souls who serve Canadians through provincial and federal politics, including the lobbyists who provide a critical juncture between the private and public sectors.  Nothing is ever perfect, but Ontario is still a wonderful place to call home, compared to many other places on earth.

I feel fortunate and grateful to work with the skilled and supportive communicators at Grassroots Public Affairs. 

Life is full of choices. The decision to stay hopeful isn’t always easy, but it can be done. 

“For every problem, there is a solution.” – Peter Seemann

With uncertainty and chaos all around, let us value the time we have and focus on the positive.

Let us stay hopeful.

Lindsay Yaciuk


Lindsay has 23 years corporate communications and leadership experience in the insurance sector, with specialties in Mergers & Acquisitions, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning. An accomplished writer and speaker, Lindsay is dedicated to accurate yet impassioned depictions of campaign goals. Her diplomatic and collaborative approach yields consistent communication and advocacy results. Lindsay holds an Honours BA in English Literature from Nipissing University.

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