“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

– James Humes, author & former presidential speechwriter

Professional Development

Grassroots Public Affairs strives to exceed expectations and deliver added value through a variety of professional development workshops and training for clients. Built to support industry leaders, business associations, boards of directors and organizational teams, our services can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Media & Speech Coaching

Communication success depends on connecting quickly and meaningfully with your audience. If you are in office, or running as a candidate, you already know the importance of presenting with confidence, clarity and punch. Impactful speakers develop through practice and focus, and our speech writers and communication specialists can help you prepare for public speaking and media events.

Polling: How it Works and Why it’s Important

Polling, used to determine and accurately measure public opinion on a wide spectrum of topics, are critically important for organizations when seeking government support. Polling can bring you an enormous advantage due to leverage of public opinion i.e. voters. This workshop will fully open your eyes to the world of traditional and artificial intelligence polling and pollsters, and what separates the good, from the bad, and the ugly.

Legislation 101: How Bills Are Introduced and Passed

This workshop is applicable to both federal and provincial levels of Government and will help you better understand the system to become capable of working more effectively within it. It focuses on the features of Private Member Bills, how they move through the legislature and the staff who shuttle them through. Learn the critical importance of timing, along with simple legislative strategies that get support, and, those strategies which do not, and must be avoided.

Who’s Who of the Political Landscape

The right message will only get maximum impact when it is strategically directed to the right people within government. Gain insight about the ‘power brokers’ and centres of influence in today’s legislature to enhance advocacy effectiveness.

Social Media & Video

Digital communication is a mainstay of modern life, and social media is a critical component of communication success. Do you have an online strategy? Our media platform experts are ready to develop and support your digital presence throughout your campaign or initiative.

Producing and uploading a professional campaign video allows you to connect with many voters, and greatly enhances your online presence.  Our experienced videographers and producers will create short, effective videos to help you deliver your message online.