“If everyone is moving forward together,

then success takes care of itself.”

– Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company founder

Government Relations

Maintaining positive, proactive relationships with government is something every industry should prioritize.  Understanding the challenges faced by organizations when dealing with municipal, provincial and federal levels of government, Grassroots Public Affairs leverages long-term relationships with elected officials and senior staff to ensure your message is appropriately framed and strategically delivered for maximum benefit.

One of the most effective ways to communicate with government is to host a Lobby Day at the legislature. Queen’s Park or Parliament Hill – our team can help schedule strategic meetings with elected officials and their staff, and organize a fitting reception – breakfast, lunch or evening.

Grassroots Campaigns

The very name of our company, Grassroots Public Affairs, was chosen on the strength of our commitment to help clients create and execute highly effective grassroots campaigns. Campaigns can range from local issues within a single city, or stretch across provincial or national priorities, targeting parliamentarians across the entire country.

Examples of our work:


Public Relations

Supportive relationships with government officials and the general public depend on trust. Establishing trust takes years to develop and can be destroyed in an instant. The team at Grassroots is well-prepared to research, conduct and manage your GR and PR campaigns. Everything from polling & surveys, media releases, budget submissions, digital messaging, and more.  We have the experience to guide you through prudent policy decisions to ensure your message stands out to voters and government decision-makers.