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Post-Covid Advocacy Series 4/4: Purpose – Mission – Vision.

#1 was Territorial Markers, #2 WIIFM, and #3 Grassroots’ 3C’s. This last article will put a bow around post COVID advocacy principles as our way of encouraging all groups seeking government support to address the big-picture issues of Purpose – Mission – Vision. “Start With Why” authored by Simon Sinek, has quickly established itself amongst […]


Post-Covid Advocacy Series 2/4: Asking For What You Want.

Last week Ray Pons addressed Territorial Markers, which are all about non-verbal communication. This article focusses on what you say, the words, and delivery of the words, when asking for what you are seeking from members of government and their staff. Over the years, a mistake we have seen made far too frequently by intelligent, […]

Post-COVID Advocacy Series 1/4: Territorial Markers.

Sr. Communications Specialist, Ray Pons presents the first of four articles designed to help you communicate better and communicate much more by design, rather than by default [your usual, comfort-zone style of self-expression]. Advocacy, highly effective advocacy, is all about highly effective communication. Communication is, for the most part, all about ‘keeping it simple’. It […]


Ontario’s Legislative Preview

Late July is likely the most popular time for taking family holidays and time off, including those who work in government. Yet this summer, much like the preceding two, things continue to be far from “normal” in terms of what is likely to happen with the Government of Ontario’s agenda.  With this in mind, let’s […]

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First Impressions of Advocacy Networking

Associate Consultant at Grassroots Public Affairs Reem Wahab shares her take on networking in the advocacy world as a newcomer. Attending events for the first time in the advocacy world can be quite daunting. Depending on the event, you are usually in a room surrounded by politicians, staffers, clients, and many others who share the […]

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Defining Agriculture’s Centre of Gravity: A Look at the Gaps in Enthusiasm Among Older and Younger Canadians

A piece written by polling & opinion research consultant, Adrian Macaulay. Over the years, polling and opinion research has enabled our firm to acquire a better understanding of how Canadians understand and perceive the country’s agriculture and agri-food sector. Each new wave of research allows us to ask new questions, test hypotheses, explore new policy […]