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Ontario’s 2024 Budget Consultation Process: Shaping the Province’s Economic Future

As Ontario gears up for the 2024 Budget, the Province is actively seeking input from a diverse range of voices: workers, families, business owners, and communities. This call for engagement underscores the government’s commitment to crafting a budget that resonates with the needs and aspirations of its citizens. The Essence of Budget Consultations Budget consultations […]

Stay Hopeful

In this era of immediate and relentless digital communication, stories and images of overlapping crises have become the norm.  If you don’t go out of your way to find good news, there isn’t much of it.  Personally, I find it all rather overwhelming.  I miss the old days when the family phone hung quietly on […]


Reflecting on Lessons Learned During a Recent Training Session

Ray Pons, Senior Communications Specialist at Grassroots Public Affairs reflects on his recent training session and shares important lessons learned during this experience. Recently, I had the opportunity to deliver some advice, some training & coaching, to a group of young farmers. Young in years, yet very mature in substance, these young men and women […]

Communications Management for Advocacy Campaigns

Effective communication is pivotal to the success of any project, whether it’s related to government relations campaigns or other sectors. Drawing on years of corporate experience, it’s evident that communications management serves as the linchpin that informs every aspect of a project. Properly executed, it ensures that both the team and stakeholders are kept abreast […]

Meet Canada’s Next Prime Minister – Pierre Poilievre

(Photo by Sudbury.com) This past July’s cabinet shuffle by the Trudeau Liberals has increased speculation about Canada’s 45th general election happening sooner rather than later.  I was uncertain a few months ago but am increasingly believing that there’s a chance for a federal election next spring. Whenever the next vote may happen, I am equally […]

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Bill C-18: Navigating Media, Big Tech, and News Access in a Global Context

In the digital age, many Canadians, like people worldwide, turn to social media platforms for news. Platforms like Facebook (now Meta), Instagram, and Twitter (now X) have become integral for news dissemination. This shift has challenged the traditional news industry, with claims of over 450 local Canadian news outlets closing in the past fifteen years.[1] […]

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The Grassroots Greenhouse 2023

Canada’s Agriculture & Food Sectors Viewed as a Key Driver of National Security and Critical Infrastructure TORONTO, ON – August 15, 2023 – The fifth annual national Agri-Food public opinion poll by Grassroots Public Affairs finds one third of Canadians (32%) continue to see hunger and food insecurity as a very serious issue in Canada […]


Trudeau’s Summer Shuffle: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, July 26th, 2023, Ottawa, ON – This morning, in an attempt to ready the Liberals for the next election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a significant cabinet shuffle. This shuffle was not a surprise and was anticipated to be the largest change since 2021 – and that it was. The front bench has undergone […]

Don’t Let Summer Advocacy Opportunities Pass You By!

Parliament has risen for the summer and will not return to regular sittings until September 18th. Many organizations choose to also “take the summer off” from advocacy activities and turn their focus to internal business operations. While one can understand the need to take a break, it can be a short-sighted approach and cause an […]

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Navigating Political Staff Turnover: The Imperative of Stakeholder Management

Ontario’s political landscape is as fluid as the ocean tides. An almost palpable undercurrent of constant change pervades Whitney block and Queen’s Park due to an inherently high turnover rate among political staffers. Promotions, new positions, cabinet shuffles, and countless other factors contribute to this churn. While it is often invigorating, it can also present […]